The very lovely Gastronomy Domine has given me five testing questions to answer for this blog (thank you Liz). The answers are quite long so I’m going to split them up into five separate entries. I can never give a straight answer to anything…

1. Have you ever eaten the perfect meal – one where the food, company and surroundings were just spot on?

2. You’ve mentioned that you’re moving to Ireland. Are you finding that a move to a whole different land mass is more challenging than a normal house move? Are you apprehensive? Excited?

3. You are not a friend of the aubergine. What other food loves and hates do you have?

4. Do you have anytips for other book hoarders? How can we save money on shelving space, find our way through the piles of books all over the bedroom floor and deal with our increasing myopia? Do you organise your books alphabetically or by subject, or do they end up shelved haphazardly like mine?

5. Is there a kitchen implement you simply couldn’t live without?

Cor. Considering I’m an editor by trade, I’m not very good at cutting my own copy.