No proper internet access at the new place yet, so Mr. B has kindly given up his work computer so I can quickly add an update…

After 10 hours of driving, ferry hopping and then driving again, we’ve made it to Ireland and we’re staying with Mr. B’s parents for the week, as they live in a nearby town.

Now it’s a case of waiting for the rest of our lives to rock up in the removal van on Wednesday and start the grand unpacking, accompanied by the traditional house-moving conversation of:

‘What’s this – is it yours?’
‘Um… no, it’s not mine.
‘Well, it’s not mine either…’

You know, the kind of stuff we should have sorted out before shoving every last scrap of our lives together in a van and driving several hundred miles.

There’s also the small challenge of putting the kitchen together. If I have the presence of mind later on, I’ll take a picture and you can see the chaos.

Happy days.