Wow! How lovely! I’ve been nominated for an Irish Blog Award in the Food and Drink category 🙂

I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to whoever put me forward for it – I don’t think it was my Mum…

Here’s the rest of the long-list (actually quite short compared with some of the other categories):

Well Done Fillet
Val’s Kitchen
English Mum in Ireland
The Humble Housewife
Sour Grapes
What the Waiter Knows
Just Add Eggs
Food Lorists
Icecream Ireland
Martin Dwyer
Italian Foodies
Eat, Drink, Live
The Mood Food Blog

Every blogger on that list writes well and passionately about their subject. Some of them I’ve known about for a while and visit regularly – but there are a couple of new ones (to me) and it’s always exciting to find people who are similarly obsessed by all things food related 🙂 

Congratulations everyone!