What happens when you put 400 bloggers together in a large room in close proximity to a bar?

Oooooooooh – that was fun 🙂

Although I left around midnight before I turned into a pumpkin (and because I’m on family duty today for a christening), so it may have all got a little messy after that… Will have to check out everyone else’s blogs to discover the lurid details!

It was kind of strange – as we all kept saying – being in a room full of real strangers, then spotting someone’s nametag and going ‘Oh you’re so and so! I’m X!’, and chatting away like good things about our virtual lives. The weird and wonderful world of blogging, eh?

I didn’t win in my category (and didn’t expect to) – that honour went to the fantastic Lorraine of Italian Foodies (congratulations Lor!) – but something nearly as exciting happened: I now know what Twenty Major looks like – it was… hmmmmmm… unexpected to say the least 😉 I’d tell you, but he’d probably come round and kill me. Then he’d come after you too.

And it truly was an absolute pleasure to meet Deborah, Devin, Kieran, Maz, Laura, Val, Sam, Bock, Aoife and Niall, Sweary, Conor, Manuel, Cathy and Sue (whose blog name I never got), along with everyone else. At one point, I even sidled up shyly to say ‘hello’ to Grandad but someone else dove in first and then I bottled it. His beard as luxurious and magnificent as I thought it would be though 🙂

Right, so when and where’s it going to be next year?

PS Many, many thanks to Sabrina for organising the fantastic afternoon brunch and to Damien for sorting out the whole shebang in the first place. I can’t even begin to imagine the blood, sweat and tears that goes into putting something like this together!