Lake Garda

So we’re back home again – happy, rested and, of course, extremely well fed after two weeks in Italy! (One week in Rome and one near to Lake Garda.)

But I didn’t forget my promise to Mooch that I’d take a few photos along the way…


Icecream from Rome 🙂 Knock-out melon and chocolate-orange flavours from Crema & Cioccolato in the Jewish Quarter, modelled by the always-patient Mr B.

Patient, that is, right up to the point he started getting icecream all over his jeans.

More icecream – from the San Crispino Gelaterie, near the Trevi Fountain. Top to bottom: banana, lemon, caramel and hazlenut flavours…

more icecream - from San Crispino

Er, even more icecream – from La Dolce Vita in Malcesine, Lake Garda:
Icecream from Malcesine

Just for the Caked Crusader, a midnight feast of pastries from Trastevere:

Pastries from Trastevere

And some mini doughnuts filled with apricot jam, from Riva:

apricot doughnuts from Riva

Last, but very definitely not least, foccacia topped with onions, from the same bakery in Riva. My favourite food from the trip and something I’m going to have to play around with in my kitchen very, very soon…

foccacia topped with onions

Now, off to find out what the rest of the blogosphere has been up to whilst I’ve been away. Something about a referendum?