In the end, the plane left only 45 minutes late – the radar was pretty much up and running by Friday afternoon, I think.

So, a trip to Manchester saw us noodling around the Trafford Centre. Where I bought not a single thing.

That’s right. Nothing. Just wasn’t in the mood. (‘But why don’t they do anything for women with hips and boobs?! Who are short-arsed as well! And may be a bit older/fatter/saggier than the Topshop demographic but still want to look good and not like their grannies?! Call that a flattering pattern/cut?!’ etc, etc.)

However, a drive over to Lakeland sorted that right out. It’s a very boring purchase though – lots of tupperware boxes so that I can organise my baking drawer and staple goodies. The drawer is turning into an archaeological dig – more stuff piled on top of the old stuff, bags of flour leaking everywhere – and I keep buying things that I already have but can’t see under the rest of the crap. Ditto the staple goods.

How do you keep on top of things in the kitchen? Do you find yourself throwing a lot of stuff away? What do you think of Gordon Brown’s latest call to action on being thrifty with food? Did anyone see the Beeb’s One Show on Friday evening where they did a piece about ‘re-skilling’ in the kitchen and recycling leftovers? If so, what did you think?

More importantly, who else out there has a tupperware fetish? It can’t just be me!

Update: Doh! How could I forget? I picked up three new cookbooks in a bargain shop:

Cook Simple by Diane Henry
Feasts by Silvena Rowe
The New Family Bread Book by Ursula Ferrigno

Looking forward to curling up with these at bedtime 🙂