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Ok – I haven’t posted for about two weeks and, to be honest, I’m just feeling a little extremely tired right now. Work, life, a lack of anything resembling a good dose of sunshine, whatever – I’ve got a pair of holes in my head where my eyes should be.

So I’m going to make a giant nest from all the duvets in the house, switch off the lights and hibernate for the next couple of weeks.

Back in October. Be good in the meantime 🙂


…by a mile and a half – Grannymar’s scrumptious Death by Chocolate! Thanks to everyone who voted 🙂

OK, it took me until 10 days until after my birthday to make it, but I’m a firm believer that any treat in the month running up to and after your birthday is fully justified for celebratory purposes.

I halved the recipe – otherwise we really would keel over – and used a 7-inch tin, which worked out pretty well.

The only tricky bit was slicing the cake into three layers (tongue stuck out of the corner of my mouth in deep concentration) and then brushing each one with melted white chocolate. I should have used the trick of freezing the layers for a short while, then brushing off the crumbs to make it easier to apply the melted chocolate and stop those pesky crumbs mixing into it.

But that’s just me needing to sharpen up my cake assembly/decoration skills and has nothing to do with how delicious this is. Nom, nom, nom!

And, since it’s my birthday cake, it’s only right to play nicely and share. Anyone want some?


I'm short of stature (a family trait) but big of appetite (also a family trait). If you're reading this then you're probably big of appetite too. Or a member of my family (hello Mum).
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