My name is Jen and you’ve found my food blog 🙂  

I decided to start this online adventure when I moved to Ireland in June 2007, after living in Scotland for 13 years (and before that, in Yorkshire). One of the things I’ve always talked about endlessly with friends and family is food – a blog seemed like a good way to continue doing this, stay in touch with much-missed friends and show Mum that I’m still eating properly. 

Although I’m not vegetarian, I find myself wanting to eat meat less and less as time goes on, so the main focus of any savoury recipes appearing here will usually be veggie or pescetarian. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll wake up craving steak tartare for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but at the moment that seems a little unlikely. Besides, making veggies the focus of any meal is surely one of the easiest ways to reach that 5-a-day target we’re all supposed to be aiming for.

Of course, I then go and ruin all that good healthy work by being madly in love with cake, muffins, pies, sweets and all manner of baked goods. So butter, sugar and flour feature heavily on this site too. There’s got to be a bit of balance in life, right?

‘Little bird’ is an amalgamation of various nicknames I’ve had over the years (most of them pleasant) – things like ‘Little Jen’, ‘Wee Jen’ (guess how tall I am and I’ll send you a prize), ‘Jenny Wren’… So ‘little bird’ seemed sort of appropriate and, to be honest, I couldn’t think of any other names at the time!

If you’d like to drop me a line, write to littlebirdeats<at>googlemail<dot>com. Although, please note that I do not advertise on my blog – it’s just a little homemade thing and I’m happy with it that way 🙂

Oooh – look at me trying to be all arty…